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We really appreciate your effort for cracking Denuvo v4! Sorry for hijacking the top comment for visibility. If anyone's save games disappear after applying this crack, dont panic.

They're most probably not gone. Use this app to recover:. When you apply a new crack with Nier, it wont detect the old one for whatever reason. Put this app in the save game folder under C: Also restart your game after the app finishes its work. This new crack however, apparently adds a savemod string to the name of your GameData. If the app is not able to find the gamedata. The fuck if anyone call his crack bypass again. Dude for real cracked denuvo. Highest fleet of achievement and respect to baldman denuvo spanker.

I don't think I can rewatch that show. One of my favorites ever in existence but that shit was so taxing I am not sure I could do it again. The crawlspace scene still haunts me. A long with tons and tons of other dreadful shit that happened on that show.

Wow this crack works perfectly, played for 1 hour no crash, sound or bugs. Just that I can't beat the first boss, I suck. Guys, stop asking for PM's. The info that you need is out there, just google it. Let's you unlock fps, reduce global illumination which is a huge resource hog but doesn't improve graphics much and a lot of other random options that are pretty useful.

You completely ignored the main advantage of FAR. It forces the game to actually run at your native resolution.

The good folks on RIN says it does. I've also only tried it out for an hour and no problems so far. I have overwrite all the files from the new crack 7.

If you overwrote the old. Well it IS still a bypass since Denuvo isn't removed the game still can't go online with this, so you have to cheat your way through ending E , but you're right about the V4 stuff. At least, from what we know right now.

Holy shit thanks man, I thought I'd have to start over my 5 hours of play time. Now I just hope it doesn't crash anymore. So that's the secret conspiracy: Reddit is so fucking gay. Can't even share links. What's the point of having 'crackwatch' subreddit when no links can be shared.

There should be a subreddit to share links freely. I did not get too far with the FitGirl repack, so I am okay with starting over although I would rather not to. You can keep your old steam emulator files in my case the ones from codex and just copy the cracked game exe from baldman v3 crack. That way you can keep your saves. Playing with the corepack repack and the new crack and it's working fine for me.

Before I couldn't get past 20 min without crashing and now I played over 1 hour. By the way, I unfortunately installed the Windows 10 Creator Update. Will setting the game to Windows 7 compatibility work in this case? Don't know your spec, but disabling Hyperthreading manually and uncheck the V-Sync and AA seems to be the way to go.

Having a RX, AMD provided a new batch of driver wich almost fixed the game for good, i really encourage you guys to update to the latest The crashes are all gone. How do you launch this game without the SSE launcher again? I want to play this on my steam link, but that program makes things cumbersome. Many people are reporting an unavoidable crash at startup "ISArcExtract" Error, or losing their saves when installing this crack over FitGirl's repack installation, among other issues.

This resulted in a loss of save data. Do NOT copy the nierautomata. Copied the files from the provided ALI folder you can ignore the nierautomata. Copied the provided files from the FAR 0. Launched the game from the desktop shortcut without issue. It is, however some old games are using v3 or were released with V3, and those remain uncracked with v3 of Denuvo, such as Dishonored 2. All you have to do is replace the files from this v3 crack. It should fix crashing which were caused by using previous cracks.

What about the other issues like p not working? Cause I just started the game up for the first time right after i wrote that comment and the game was a blurry mess even when selecting p. Or anyone who's reading this for that matter. Are there any chance to turn off window smart screen everytime i launch the game?

Anyway flipped text crash is fixed, jet sound is fixed, awesome crack thanks baldman. Yes no more crashes before it was crashing in every 10 minutes for me now i could play for 3 hours without a single crash.

I am using Fitgirl original repack which I believe is V1? I have applied the baldman V3 crack by copying over the exe. I am however still running into the issue of the game voice not working and subtitles going really quickly. The characters speak, but voice doesn't work and its to quick for me to read.

Anyone here has still experience the whitescreen crash after applying v3? I've played the new crack for 2 hours and I can say it's night and day for me. I don't have this game. I saw it for the first time here.

I'd like to know what is the best method to get a smooth working version. From what I've read in the comments, there isn't a torrent that includes all the things needed for this. I gather that I need to get the Fitgirl repack of this game, the crack listed here and the latest version of FAR to get the best experience.

Can someone comment if this is correct? I did that, and now the game does not even start up anymore. Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you. For a crackwatch noob, how does one get a hold of this pack? I assume asking for torrent links is off limits so can someone pm me the relevant info? Thank you in advance. When i apply the FAR mod on the cracked game, the game just won't launch. Literally nothing happens when i run the exe. Without the mod, game runs normally.

What can i do? I can confirm, with nvidia's driver Thank God for cracks, improving products gimped by the devs themselves. Shame on you platinum. Okay I am not sure if its my pc or this new v3 crack but is anyone experiencing some serious lags 5 minutes into the game after using this patch? I didn't use to have these lags before using this new v3 crack I mean sure I don't get crashes anymore but these lags make the game almost unplayable now I have just started playing about 2 horus in.

What are different endings about? How do you know which one you will get? Keep playing and you'll undertand after beating the game once it will explain it to you. Basically, there are 26 endings not counting the DLC extra one , one for each letter of the english alphabet. Endings A through E are the main ones ending E is considered the final, true ending.

nier automata bald man crack

NieR: Automata v1787043 All No-DVD [BALDMAN]

Without the mod, game runs normally. So I've played all main endings except E, if I copy paste this in my nier folder will the save games still work? Use this app to recover: This resulted in a loss of save data. Thank you so much.


CryTamerBeast 19 June at Makium 5 June at Sad TT , Craked version cant never get ending E …. So what's the difference with this crack? Do NOT copy the nierautomata. Before i was crashing in every 10 minutes.

nier automata bald man crack

This copy I got it from here works flawlessly. Third, now go into the. I want to play this on my steam link, but that program makes things cumbersome. Can't even share links. At least, from what we know right now. Yes no more crashes before it was crashing in every 10 minutes for me now i could play for 3 hours without a single crash. I've also only tried it out for an hour and no problems so far. Cybele 13 June at Darkroky 14 June at

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