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An error was discovered by a user in the Anandtech Forums Agent , where Windows is treating each CPU thread of a Ryzen processor as if each thread was a real core with its own L2 and L3 cache. This was tested with an 8 core, 16 thread Ryzen CPU obviously.

It would appear that Windows could be a culprit behind this performance delta. I do not know if Microsoft is aware of this SMT error or not. It's possible the fix is already in the works, I have no way of knowing that. If the rumor is true - that the next Xbox will be using a Ryzen-base APU - it's reasonable to assume such an error could also impact performance of a Windows-based gaming console as well. Could this Windows error really be impacting performance for SMT that much?

Will the error be fixed? Any Windows Devs on here that know about this error? In regards to gaming. Up vote 0 GA Gabrielcarvfer Replied on March 8, In reply to FB's post on March 8, Yes, just managing core affinity per program making all its threads use a single CCX should be enough to mitigate this problem in a simple way. Have no idea on how this problem relates to core parking. As far as I know, cores are parked if there is not enough workload and keeping everything on fewer cores is more energy efficient.

I don't know for sure how Windows scheduler and core parking algorithm works, but if they fix it for Zen, I expect that they're going to park more and more cores of a CCX until it is parked, then start parking cores from the other CCX.

And, as they keep track on how much work the cores are doing, I expect them to shift the CCX that is going to get parked from time to time, whenever possible user AFK, for example , so all the cores are used evenly. I suppose in windows its a simple matter of core affinity for software that doesn't need more than 8 threads to run properly, and manually assigning cores from one CCX. That also makes me wonder whether its a good idea to run core parking control with Ryzen, to keep all cores active all the time.

I don't quite have my Ryzen system together yet as the Mobo is being delivered on the back of a turtle, so I don't actually know what the situation is with core parking and Ryzen, but just a thought that popped up while responding. I am not worried about how much it affects the improvement in games.

If you keep changing processes from a CCX to another, you're certainly impacting the overall performance. There are 2 sides to this Recently AMD marketing has been less than convincing they seem to have a track record of this Bulldozer, R and so on. Now, Ryzen seems like an excellent product. It really seems as though everything was a bit rushed.

Everybody keeps talking about teething problems But even for those who need it for other tasks will still have to deal with low memory speeds, lack of quad channel ram, and maybe even this plethora of other weird I'm not convinced as we've heard this song and dance before with Bulldozer and the windows scheduler and so on. Also all this SMT issue talk seems mainly based on the whole gaming discussion, which brings me back to this; How much will it truly change?

To me at least, it seems like there are other more interesting problems to solve for the whole Ryzen platform, if and when these are fixed Ryzen will be a great option for some workloads. As of now, there are issues surrounding Ryzen in which I don't see Windows being the culprit Now with my somewhat limited knowledge, is this directly related to the whole core complex vs mcm discussion.

Can a scheduler really fix problems at this level? Tell us about your experience with our site. FB Created on March 4, This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I recommend this discussion AntiKitten Replied on March 14, In reply to Dieg's post on March 6, Try using windows 7 their are no issues on windows 7 with hyperthreading or smt on 7. Gabrielcarvfer Replied on March 8, In reply to FB's post on March 8, Yes, just managing core affinity per program making all its threads use a single CCX should be enough to mitigate this problem in a simple way. About slow delivery, I'm on the same boat. FB Replied on March 8, In reply to Gabrielcarvfer's post on March 8, Apu Replied on March 8, The scheduler can't fix latency between cross CCX caches, but can mitigate it keeping processes running in the same CCX.

Dieg Replied on March 6, That's a clear question of unoptimized architeture, and yes, currently Windows 10 is not ready for Ryzen. That is very, very disappointing. I hope the Microsoft Developers Team solve this horrendous issue. If possible, for yesterday! Well yes and no Can any dev's elaborate on this? This site in other languages x.

windows 10 ryzen patch

AMD Ryzen CPU Severely Crippled By Windows 10; Microsoft Says Patches On The Way

It seems to me that things are actually going quite well for a completely new architecture. So it's not a matter of if they want to do it. Wish others on the staff were able to be objective and appreciative of all the fucking amazing stuff we are so lucky to be able to buy and enjoy. The precise meaning of the prefetch instructions varies from processor to processor—at best it is a hint rather than well-defined instruction. And unlike intel, theyre using solder on their small chip. Free Software was the first step.

AMD Ryzen Community Update Addresses Windows 10 Thread Scheduling, SMT Performance, and More

Latest News Latest Videos. Home Reviews News Forums. The next step - free hardware. And despite statements from Microsoft that it would absolutely-no-fooling-really-truly kill the Windows 10 free upgrade offer on December 31, , that offer is still good. There are games where the optimization for the Intel architecture don't let Ryzen perform as expected. In reply to RodneyRiggs's post on June 8, Well i also post a lot about very specific details of semiconductor design and engineering on here. Its actually interesting to read the technical details, not just the typical consumer oriented bullshit that most tech sites spew. But if the remainder is 5 to 7, 13 to 15, 21 to 23, or 29 to 31, the load won't be forwarded.

Balanced power plan optimized for AMD Ryzen™ processors

windows 10 ryzen patch

That's why it is the apps themselves that need to be CCX aware. Probably should have stayed in the comments rather than being made a post on the site, and I have no problem with it having been removed. This is obviously fixable, but requires responsible parties to take ownership and not cry "Fake News. But sometimes, the programmer knows that after reading to or writing from a particular memory address, the data won't be used any time soon, and so there's no point in caching it. Addressed issue that causes transactions to fail because of a memory shortage. It died in a bios flashing accident. You are as big a wing nut on your right end as the poster that you replied to is on his Implied by you left end of the wing nut teeter totter. For most data, the cache is a wonderful thing, because the cache is so much faster than main memory. I think any "chiming in" is a direct result of their integrity being called into question. As an extension of this investigation, we have also reviewed topology logs generated by the Sysinternals Coreinfo utility. FB Replied on March 8, In fact, caching the data would be a waste of cache space; caching that data will simply mean displacing something else from the cache, something else that might actually be needed. Scheduling threads on the same CCX that is already running 4 threads may be very good for some applications and very bad for others.

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