Nier automata unofficial patch

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I finished my first run through Nier: Automata this weekend, and it's one of the best games I've played this year. I love the physicality of it, the way character 2B pauses for a heartbeat and then lurches forward when I press the dash button. It's a perfect videogame movement. I love that the combat looks and feels satisfying, a whirlwind of intricately animated combos, swords appearing and disappearing like magic.

It's more light show than fighting game, unlike Platinum's Bayonetta, but that doesn't matter. I just wish that Nier: Automata on the PC wasn't still in need of a patch, eight months later. When Andy reviewed Nier: Automata back in March, he wrote "cutscenes are locked to 30fps, which make them look distractingly jerky.

The mouse cursor kept appearing in the centre of my screen. And on one test machine running an AMD card, the game crashed to a white screen every ten minutes for seemingly no reason.

A game this interesting deserves a better port, frankly. But that's been it for Automata's post-launch support, which is frankly lacking for a game that has sold more than half a million copies on PC alone.

Automata's issues aren't huge, but they are annoying. The first thing I noticed, within a few minutes of playing, was that my mouse cursor kept appearing in the middle of the screen, no matter how many times I scooted it off to the side. I was playing with a controller, and most games these days simply hide the mouse when they detect a controller in use. Nier doesn't, and seems to insist on re-centering the cursor constantly.

Playing at my desk, this was a nuisance. When I tried to play the game on my TV on the other side of the house using Steam In-Home streaming, it was maddening. As Andy pointed out, the cutscenes look oddly jerky, which is a baffling issue for a game with such beautiful animation, from a developer renowned for incredibly smooth action games. I also noticed that Nier was taxing my Nvidia Ti graphics card harder than it should've, considering what was going on on-screen.

So I went for the usual solution: I turned to the modding community. Modder Kaldaien, like occasional PC Gamer contributor Durante, has made a name for himself fixing up and improving ports of Japanese games, like Tales of Berseria and Nier: Other members of the modding scene also contributed to the project, and it's a seriously amazing tool.

Just look at all these options. FAR can fix little annoyances for you, like hiding the mouse cursor. It adds borderless windowed support, a pretty standard mode that Nier was lacking. It improves the resolutions of bloom and ambient occlusion, which could look artifacted at their original resolutions.

Those are all nice touches, but here's my favorite bit of engineering in FAR, as described in its Steam Community thread: FAR now includes a better sleep method so called busy-wait that makes the conversion method unnecessary. Thanks to the mod community, the PC version of Nier: FAR is easy to install. It's also so complex, and so comprehensive, that it feels like functionality Square Enix and Platinum should've built into Nier: This isn't some hacked-together fix.

In May , Kotaku wrote that it was ridiculous Nier: Automata hadn't been patched on PC. It's even more ridiculous now, six months later.

I emailed Square Enix about my issues with the game, and asked if Platinum was still working on a patch. A request for comment was forwarded over to Japan a week ago, but hasn't resulted in an answer as of this writing.

Automata is still worth playing. It's one of the weirdest, most creative games you can play this year. Or hell, maybe ever.

And with Steam sales and the likelihood of another Nier game arriving on PC in the future, people will be buying Automata for years to come. We recommend By Zergnet.

nier automata unofficial patch

Unofficial Fix For Nier Automata That Address Framerate and Resolution Issues

It is to protect me against asset injection of copyrighted material, which began to happen in my mods between Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Berseria," he wrote. Retrieved January 3, Retrieved February 13, So, what is status on ReShade? One of the factors that helped with the smooth implementation was Ueda's previous encounters and good working relationship with Okabe. Automata hadn't been patched on PC. Automata's issues aren't huge, but they are annoying. Automata [a] is an action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. Apparently the devs don't care about us, except for our money DLC , failing even to replicate the fixes of a third party mod.

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Originally posted by Inoc:. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. It's also so complex, and so comprehensive, that it feels like functionality Square Enix and Platinum should've built into Nier: Retrieved February 21, Automata 'Black Box Edition' announced for Japan".

Community fixes Nier: Automata – here’s a patch for the frame rate and resolution

nier automata unofficial patch

His supports officer is the no-nonsense Operator 21O. Archived from the original on October 31, The number of chips that can be installed at once are limited by how many slots are available. Automata "Fix Automata Resolution" patch released in March reportedly made some much-needed improvements to the game, including " vast improvements " to framerates and a fix for a bug that kept it from running at native resolutions. Drakengard Drakengard 2 Drakengard 3 Zero Music. Retrieved December 4, The combat was received favorably, with critics noting its improvement compared to previous games by Yoko Taro, due in part to the involvement of developer Platinum Games. Automata back in March, he wrote "cutscenes are locked to 30fps, which make them look distractingly jerky. Retrieved July 1, Is compatibility solved or is it still a problem? According to Saito, a lot of time and effort went into creating the story and character interactions so they would match up to the original Nier. Automata 's commercial performance exceeded Square Enix's expectations, causing the company to comment that the title had shown "significant potential for future franchise development". This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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