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I am on the cusp of purchasing Photoshop CS6 Extended as a digital download from the Adobe store, and have some questions that i have been unable to find clarification on with Live Chat support. These are personally "make-or-break" issues regarding my purchase of Photoshop CS6 Extended.

I was told that during online installation and activation, you would sign-in with your adobe ID. Your e-mail would then be embedded in the "Help" menu of Photoshop, and displayed in the actual software interface.

Personally, this is not desirable. If i perform an offline activation of the software, with a response code, will any e-mail or other information be displayed in the software interface?

If the offline activation results in no e-mail, etc. Will i be able to update Photoshop without issue through the adobe updater on the off-chance a patch is released for some unforeseen reason. Will the updater have issues? Woefoxy your Adobe ID will still be displayed even when completing the offline activation. As part of the offline activation process you need to enter the Adobe ID which the software will be registered too. If you are desiring to mask your Adobe ID while doing presentations then I would recommend avoiding the Help menu or signing out and running in trial mode.

Alternately you could utilize an Adobe ID which you do want to be publicly available and use it as an additional promotional tool.

How would the Adobe ID be inserted into the software through offline activation, though? I'm aware that you would sign into your Adobe account on an internet enabled computer to receive the response code for system undergoing offline activation. The offline activation process is similar to the online activation process. Unique identifiers are utilized. I have had to transfer a license for a customer who I assisted with the offline activation process as I utilized my Adobe ID to generate the response code.

I would recommend the last option of utilizing the e-mail for self-promotion. You can find information on how to adjust the e-mail address associated with your account at Changing the email associated with Adobe ID. Thank you for the response and clarification, Jeff.

Though i am still confused on some points. I understand that unique identifiers are arguably a "must" for the sake of activation, online or offline.

Where i'm confused is how a response code Which i had assumed was the unique identifier for offline identification would translate to an e-mail being displayed, if this indeed happens, since according to this video Activating Adobe Creative Suite 6 via Offline Exception Creative Cloud for Enterprise Adobe TV , there seems to be no point on the offline system where an e-mail is entered.

Only the online system is logging onto the Adobe site with a serial and activation code, and receiving a response code, which is manually entered onto the offline system, unless i am mistaken Another point of confusion is, before i created this thread, an Adobe tech via chat said that no e-mail would be displayed through offline activation. I felt as though there may have been some misunderstanding, though, hence this thread.

I really do appreciate the responses. Not displaying an e-mail is still preferable, however, as i would rather avoid adding yet another e-mail to consider, especially if it's sole purpose is to be tied to so hefty a purchase as Photoshop. WoeFoxy you still have to be logged in in order to complete the Offline activation process. If you have already logged into http: You can find the offline activation process detailed at Offline Activation.

In addition you will also see the sign in option when you go to www. If you try to proceed without signing in you will be prompted to sign in. I'm aware you log in to Adobe, but i had assumed that it would not be on the offline machine. Sorry if i'm being dense, or fundamentally failing to understand something. Here was what i had assumed would happen. No where in the steps you posted Offline Activation do i see a step in which you sign in on the Offline Machine.

I had made the assumption that as there is no sign in prompt on the Offline Machine, Photoshop would be activated solely through the use of the Response Code, and no e-mail would then be displayed.

Is this entirely incorrect? Sorry, personally, this is a large purchase, and a large sum of money to be spending. I just want to triple check! Sorry to be such a bother over what i would guess many would consider a minor issue. WoeFoxy the process you described is accurate. The response code contains your personally identifiable information. You are welcome to try the process yourself. As long as you are purchasing directly from Adobe you can request a refund.

You can find the refund process at Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order. WoeFoxy there will be an e-mail address displayed. I did not cover question 2 as the first answer in post 1 stated that your e-mail address will be displayed. You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again.

Sorry to be so particular, if not ridiculous. These are just some outstanding concerns i have I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Run installer Offline Machine 2. Having Trouble Connecting to the Internet? Begin offline activation Offline Machine 4. Generate Request Code Offline Machine 5. Sign in to Adobe Account Online Machine 8. So there will be no e-mail displayed in Photoshop after offline activation?

I am also still in the dark regarding the second question i had posted in the original post. I really appreciate your help! Go to original post. Correct Answers - 10 points.

adobe photoshop cs6 extended activator

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adobe photoshop cs6 extended activator

Hellen Loren 21 August at Best Software i even see in my whole life. I am on the cusp of purchasing Photoshop CS6 Extended as a digital download from the Adobe store, and have some questions that i have been unable to find clarification on with Live Chat support. Jessica Jhon 30 March at Anonymous 12 October at Andy Lucero 17 June at Unknown 28 April at Derek Lorens 16 March at

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