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Now that macOS That applies to any operating system upgrade on any device. In most cases that means the CC versions, which are now available. Install them using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application.

Adobe posted a general statement about application compatibility macOS Sierra This applies to the most recent version only, which at this time is Lightroom CC The panel and filmstrip areas may black out at times. This is apparently related to macOS graphics issues. To best avoid the problem, Adobe says:.

The best combo to avoid this issue is being on macOS High Sierra The team has worked pretty hard with Apple to get this issue to stop appearing with macOS Sierra Improvements were made in If you find a problem with Lightroom or Photoshop in Sierra, report it at the Photoshop Feedback site. The solution is to roll back to I have upgraded my test Mac to the release version of Sierra.

Adobe applications were already installed when I upgraded my test Mac to Sierra. I was able to fix these by uninstalling and reinstalling those applications, and the lesson here is to always make sure you have all of the information you need such as license keys or registration numbers to reinstall any of your key software.

Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.

Unfortunately, Adobe Support Advisor no longer exists, but there is an immediate workaround that should get the installer going:. Installing Creative Suite on macOS This has been a problem for several OS X versions, and there is no fix that I know of. Some users moving up from older Macs running The only option is to use a newer version of the software. While online compatibility lists are useful, the advice of others can only go so far because it may not reveal problems related to the specific combination of applications and hardware you use.

A better way is to test the new macOS upgrade yourself. You want to test the new OS without compromising your current working production system, and you have to pay attention to licensing and activation issues.

One upcoming change affecting Adobe software is that Safari 10 will disable the Adobe Flash plug-in by default. You can still enable it if you want. Presumably, by the time APFS becomes the standard, Adobe will have ensured compatibility…at least for the latest versions of its installers. Whether older versions of Adobe software can be installed on an APFS volume will be a question until it can be tested.

This article was originally posted on June 16, but has been updated throughout the macOS Thanks for the advice re Adobe activations.

Not right away, though. The initial release of Sierra will still use the existing file system. Hey have you tried out CS4 in Sierra? Could you give me insight if you have any.

Sorry it took me a while to reply. At least one other CS4 application had a licensing issue and I had to reinstall it, but then that worked too. I was testing the beta version of the new Mac OS over the summer. Adobe CS3 did not work at all.

I could not even open photoshop or illustrator. Thankfully I backed up my mac before installing the beta because I was able to reinstall from Time Machine and CS3 worked normally again. I have a brand new iMac which came Sierra installed. I reinstalled my CS4 Creative Suite and everything seems to be working well, except for one thing which I have read that other users have had trouble with as well.

That is that Acrobat Pro will only show up on the top left menu bar without actually providing a menu to the right of that and without the program actually opening. After researching this online the suggestion was found to go to the Adobe FTP site and upgrade every single upgrade on at a time and in order which will take you only up to 9. After about 2 hours of this and installing each upgrade, voila, the program opened and appeared it would work great — all menus in place, etc.

However a box immediately opens to the registration page. Fast forward after over 2 hours of waiting for Chat support on Adobe, they have stated that I need to upgrade to Adobe PRO DC, on the typical software as a service model.

Okay, so there you have it! Otherwise it works fairly well. Hi Patrick, try right-clicking or Control-clicking the installer and choosing Open from the context menu that pops up.

You will see the Gatekeeper alert again, but this time you should also see an Open button that lets you open the installer. You should only have to do this manual override the first time you start a program on that Mac. I need to get a logo fixed but I guess that will have to wait. I may have to finally replace it with something else.

Have your tried Lightroom 5 on Sierra? I am currently running it and am fine with it on El Capitan. But I would like to upgrade to Sierra as it is free and has some nice features. Hi Fabian, I have only tried Lightroom 6, not 5. Thank you conrad, oh looks like there will be some unpleasant issues …. Maybe thinking of upgrading to LR 6 …. Anyone know if CS5 will work at all on Sierra? If Illustrator CS5 crashes on quit, see the link in the article.

Sounds so stupid, I know, but where does one go to download el capitan now? Apple generally keeps old OS X installers listed in the Mac App Store if you have already downloaded them before, but not if you never did. In other words, the time to download El Capitan was before Sierra came out, even if you were going to set aside the El Capitan installer for some time in the future. I downloaded it after Sierra came out- you may have to click a link from the apple site, i dont think it comes up in a search of the app store.

Theres a link on this page, scroll down to it. The links you need are below: Do you or anyone else know if InDesign CS5 will work? If you want to upgrade to Sierra soon you should test it with your version of InDesign on a non-production volume. Hi Emil, I remembered seeing this problem before.

There is a workaround: Right-click or Control-click the installer and choose Show Package Contents. That will open the Terminal application, some lines of code will run, and the Installer should launch from there.

I did a google search and came across the same fix. Everything installed correctly and updated correctly using the Adobe Updater tool. I was able to open InDesign and Photoshop. I have not played around with Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat as I had to get to actual design work! But, so far so good. InDesign CC is seriously slow on Sierra. Even resizing text boxes on a one-page document gives me the spinning beachball. I hope this can be addressed sometime soon. I installed Sierra early today, and since then I struggle almost with everything.

I run Illustrator cs 5. But I struggle with InDesign cs 5. It loads but a couple of seconds later it crashes. So I tried to uninstall InDesign and install it again. But if you had downloaded El Capitan at any time before Sierra was released and it sounds like you did , you should be able to find the El Capitan installer in your Purchases panel in the Mac App Store.

It does not exist anymore. I write on apple forum and they replied with one link and 3rd option from there worked for me like a charm. The Printers folder opens. Now I have to update in order to get a different software that I need. Somebody sold me their spare activation for cheap, so I do not have my license code or registration number or any of that. If I were to update, will I still be able to run Photoshop CS6 or would it try to make me reinstall it?

I can tell you that Adobe CS6 has been installed and has run on

adobe master collection cs6 crack mac sierra

Installing Creative Suite on macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

For details on how to locate error messages from the installation logs see post 13 of this discussion. Fingers crossed this works and hopefully this helps folks that aren't able to achieve what the folks above were able to. Launch an Adobe application Photoshop, Illustartor etc. So is Adobe basically saying you need to have the very latest computer in order to draw a few text boxes on the screen without it grinding to a halt? This article was originally posted on June 16, but has been updated throughout the macOS I am currently running it and am fine with it on El Capitan.

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Thank you for purchasing an Adobe Creative Suite 6 product! Scotth what errors are you seeing within the installation logs? Anyone know if CS5 will work at all on Sierra? I even closed and opened the Terminal again. On the more recent Mac systems like El Capitan and Sierra, CS5 seems to be more crash-prone than earlier or later versions of Illustrator for some reason. Here are the methods I've tried and still receive the same message. Open the mounted DMG file. The solution is to roll back to In most cases that means the CC versions, which are now available.

Download Creative Suite 6 applications

adobe master collection cs6 crack mac sierra

Okay, so there you have it! Thank you again for your prompt response. Read before you download a CS6 product. You can find the steps to install Creative Suite on macOS I have a small creative team of 5 that uses CS6 exclusively and we have run it for years under all those flavors of OS X on iMacs, mac pros, laptops and mac minis. There is no need for them to know what I am doing. I just reformatted my hard drive and performed a clean install of Sierra This article was originally posted on June 16, but has been updated throughout the macOS Can you please help? Newer Post Older Post Home. Now I have to update in order to get a different software that I need.

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